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This group blog tells the first person story of an extended Chinese American Family who reunited online and organized a trip to their ancestral roots in China.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

The Start - By Jeremiah Owyang

Having been to the village Dai Liang twice before, both on different circumstances, I’ve got some knowledge on what to expect and what to do .

The first time I went, we were on a tour with my Mom’s side in the area, we were able to get the tour bus to make a quick stop back to our village, we got out, but didn’t know anyone or what to do. After we took some pictures we were thankful for the opportunity.

The second time, I went to Zhongshan (a large neighboring city) with my soon to be wife Shirley, to visit her family. They were so gracious in taking and hosting me, one of the highlights of the trip was when they took me to the Dai Liang village. We had no idea what to expect, let alone if we were to find anyone. As it turned out, with Shirley’s native family we were able to find some Owyang’s and I was given a tour of the village and presented with two books, one on the rich history of the City Dai Liang, and the second on my family’s lineage. More on that to come.

A few years ago, the Owyangs started to meet online and congregate, this is documented in this post on my career blog focused on “Web Strategy”. We met online, and were able to coordinate a live meeting in Isleton (Sharon F was the coordinator) of the distant cousins, many of us didn’t know each other, and were separated by a few generations or were a few branches over.

It was only natural that a discussion to occur that suggested a family trip back to the roots, I saw all the eyes look at me, me and my big mouth! Fast forward to 2006, we were able to get folks to come together, created a core management team, polled the family for ideas and needs, and were able to utilize cousin Don Mar to assist as our travel agent. In one week, we’ll be on a plane and will meet up in southern China. We’ll first stop at some neighboring cities then will spend three days in ZhongShan and DaiLiang.

There will be a total of 22 of us returning to our roots, most have Owyang blood in them, others married in, and a few friends of the family we welcome on the trip.

(China pics in 2000 and 2002)

More to come

Jeremiah Owyang


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