Ouyang Homecoming

This group blog tells the first person story of an extended Chinese American Family who reunited online and organized a trip to their ancestral roots in China.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Assembling in Zhongshan - By Jeremiah Owyang

The family is all here at Shangri-La hotel in Zhongshan, which is the main city hub of Dai Liang. We're all getting our gifts together, preparing pictures to donate, and know the village is prepared for us tomorrow.

We just heard that they're having a banquet tomorrow night and it will have 30 tables! In Chinese tradition that could mean it's over 300 people. I understand that our arrival coincides with a traditional day to honor elders, so that works well.

Everthing is coming together well and the energy level is high. in short we're excited for tomorrow!!!

Jeremiah Owyang


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