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Monday, November 06, 2006

Family is wonderful --By Annie Owyang

Family is wonderful, to travel together and visiting our ancestral home has been just a most heart warming experience! Uncle Norm led us in a moment of silence before dinner last night to remember Pop Owyang as it was his birthday. I remembered how he had expressed to me so many times that he wanted to visit his village and now his dream is fulfilled through us.

Our relatives in the village were so hospitable and welcoming. They postponed one of their planned banquet to honor the seniors in the village in order to have us joined them in the special celebration and it was quite a celebration. We found a granduncle’s son and his son. They were as surprised as we were! We also visited great grandpa’s house with his and great grandma’s portrait hanging on the wall as well as our grandpa and grandma Faith So Leung’s portrait. We went by grandma Faith So Leung’s graveside to pay our respect. We come back with many treasured memories and hope to return soon.

Chuck said, “ Away, we are ready to man! Lead on, O Master of the Caravan….”

Written by Annie Owyang, wife of late Gregory Owyang, son of Edwin Owyang, son of Com Him Owyang, son of Gum Tong Owynag


Blogger Bob LaFortune said...

I grew up with your family! Down the street! My name is Bob LaFortune. San Mateo for 3 years I went to school in the same car as your brother-in-law Ran. For many of those days your husband Greg entertained us on the family piano. Your mother-in-law ALWAYS had bau for us to eat at breakfast - We were all shocked and saddened by the circumstances of Greg's death so many years ago. Was not surprised he was doing the Lord's work when he left us. At least 2 of us dearly want to find Ran since he left for Lebanon. Is Jerry the Jeramiah Owyang, the computer scientist? If so he graduated from high school with my younger brother. my e-mail is bearcat1970@comcast.net I now you are the right Owyang because I knew Norm the oldest brother as well.

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